Car emergency Kit

Car Emergency Kit

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When you set off on a road trip the last thing you expect is to end up stranded on the road, but it can happen and it’s much better when you have planned ahead and packed a roadside or car emergency kit. Below we have included the basics but also a more extensive list for longer trips or depending on the weather. You can store the items in a plastic storage bin in the trunk or if you have it, in the storage space under seats. Make sure you take an inventory of the car emergency kit before any road trip. Better safe than sorry.

Printable Checklist: Car Emergency Kit


Cell phone charger

First Aid Kit

3 Reflective warning triangles

Tire gauge

Foam tire sealant

Jumper cables

Flashlight and extra batteries

Hand sanitizer

Disposable camera – in the event you need to document a car accident etc.

Pepper spray

Emergency phone numbers on a laminated card

For long trips:



Duct tape

Tow strap or tow rope

Multipurpose utility tool

Rain poncho

Drinking water

Diapers and baby wipes if you are traveling with a young child (baby wipes are nice to have on hand regardless)

Non-perishable snacks

Electrical tape and duct tape

Sleeping bags

Folding chairs

Toilet Paper

Trash bags

Feminine products


Emergency radio


For Winter Weather:

Warm blanket

Snow shovel

Cat litter – for traction beneath tires

Windshield ice scrapper

Hand and foot warmers

Fire Starters

Light sticks