Florida Restaurant Insurance

Florida Restaurant Insurance

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Why should you choose Condon-Meek Inc. for your Restaurant Insurance needs?

Condon-Meek has been serving the state of Florida since 1954. As an independent agency, we have access to multiple carriers and we can do the research to find the best coverage for your needs as a business owner.

Picture this: You finally opened the restaurant of your dreams in Clearwater – the menu is carefully crafted and the staff is trained and excited. Then, the unthinkable happens… fire wipes out most of the kitchen and all of your inventory.

You need to make sure you have the best insurance coverage in place to protect you from the unexpected – Food spoilage, equipment breakdown, fire damage, employee or customer injury onsite.

Condon-Meek can help you choose the right coverage for your Restaurant Insurance, so you can skip the hassle and get on with work.

Restaurant Insurance Coverage Highlights

  • Business property and Outdoor Signage
  • Business Income Coverage
  • Business Crime
  • Commercial Property and Liability coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance
  • General Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation

Restaurant Insurance Claim Examples

Bodily Injury: While entering a restaurant, a customer slipped on the floor that was wet from rain and sustained a leg fracture. She successfully won a judgment against the restaurant for $12,000.

Bodily Injury: A customer chipped a tooth on a piece of bone that was in her chicken salad sandwich which required major dental work to repair. The total incurred loss was $1,700.

Property Damage: An insured waiter spilled a soft drink on a customer’s laptop and ruined it. The total incurred loss was $5,000.

Water Damage: A grease trap broke in a restaurant, and water poured into the basement. A tenant next door had water come through the wall. Another person’s property, which was stored in the basement, was also damaged. The total incurred loss was $25,000.

Fire: A power cord of an electronic industrial mixer short circuited and ignited the cardboard pizza boxes that were stacked next to the mixer. The total incurred loss was $15,000.

Fire: A bucket of greasy rags was placed in the corner of the kitchen next to an electric heating vent. The combination of the heat from the vent and the grease on the rags caused a fire in the kitchen. The total incurred loss was $60,000.

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