Florida Retail Store Insurance

Florida Retail Store Insurance

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Why should you choose Condon-Meek Inc. for your Retail Store Insurance needs?

Condon-Meek has been serving the state of Florida since 1954. As an independent agency, we have access to multiple carriers and we can do the research to find the best coverage for your needs as a business owner.

Make sure your store, your merchandise, you and your employees are protected by letting use review your Retail Store Owners Business Insurance Policy.

Condon-Meek can help you choose the right coverage for your Retail Store Insurance, so you can skip the hassle and get on with work.

Retail Store Insurance Coverage Highlights

  • Business property and Outdoor Signage
  • Business Income Coverage
  • Commercial Property and Liability coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance
  • Inventory Theft
  • Liquor Liability
  • General Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Bodily Injury
  • Legal Liability
  • Defense Costs
  • Personal & Advertising Injury

Retail Store Insurance Claim Examples

  • Liquor Liability: An adult woman purchased a bottle of alcohol at a local liquor store. Her husband previously instructed all nearby stores not to sell alcohol to her because she was an alcoholic. The day after purchasing the bottle of alcohol, it was discovered that the woman drowned after falling or jumping off a bridge. The deceased’s family brought suit against the liquor store for selling alcohol to a known habitual drunkard, and the case settled for $850,000.
  • Liquor Liability: A 16-year-old boy purchased beer from a local retail store where his ID was not checked. He took the beer to an underage drinking party. Several hours later, his 20 year-old sister arrived to take him home, and she also consumed some beer. After they left, she lost control of her convertible which flipped over and killed her brother. The mother of the deceased filed suit against the retail store. Even though the person who caused the accident did not actually purchase the alcohol, the retail store was held liable due to the illegal sale to a minor. The claim settled for $580,000 in damages and expense costs totaled an additional $100,000.
  • Property: A fire began at the insured’s premises. The fire was a result of a careless employee smoking a cigarette in the inventory room. The fire caused both $45,000 in building damage and $14,000 in business personal property damage. In order to repair the damage, the store had to shut down for a month, causing an $18,000 loss in income and $12,000 extra expenses, which was included in the business income with extra expense coverage.
  • General Liability: A customer of the clothing store went to use the restroom, which had recently been cleaned by an employee. The tile floor area just outside of the restroom was still wet. The customer slipped and fell, breaking their arm. A $5,000 medical expense was immediately paid to compensate the customer for their hospital visit and the ambulance ride.
  • Value Plus: An employee of the store was going through tough financial times. They ‘forgot’ to turn on the alarm system when closing up for the night. No signs of break-in were evident. The storeowner noticed inventory levels were repeatedly lower when this employee closed the store. Cash in the register also was mysteriously low on these same nights. The insured notified the police, and also made an employee dishonesty claim, and a money and securities claim.
  • Equipment Breakdown: The piping within the hot water heater ruptured from over usage, causing the clothing store to have to shut down for 4 hours. An equipment breakdown claim was made.
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