FWCJUA – Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwritting Assocation, Inc.

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Need help getting Workers Comp? 

Are you being non-renewed?

Are you being Canceled because of your losses?

Do you need Workers Comp to keep your business going?

Are you finding it hard to get workers Comp?

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What is the job of FWCJUA?

  • The of of FWCJUA is to provide workers compensation and employers liability insurance to Employers who are required to maintain such coverage by law but are unable to procure it in the voluntary market and who are willing to implement reasonable loss prevention programs to provide safe work places
  • To ensure that policy holders and claimants receive quality service
  • To provide coverage and service efficiently and to establish rates that are actuarially sound and reasonably expected to ensure the ongoing solvency of the residual market mechanism without future Policyholder assessments
  • To establish and aggressively pursue programs designed to assist applicants and insureds of the residual market mechanism to obtain coverage in the voluntary market
  • To promote safety in the work place through the aggressive pursuit of safety programs for insureds of the residual market mechanism.

History of the FWCJUA 


FWCJUA Resources 

If you have questions about FWCJUA, call our office today at 1-800-221-1964

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