Halloween Clean Up Tips

Halloween Clean Up Tips

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Pumpkins, goblins, and ghosts oh my! Halloween can be a fabulously fun holiday for the young and old, but for homeowners sometimes cleaning up after Halloween can be a bit more than a chore. Review our Halloween Clean Up Tips to help make the holiday more fun and less spooky.

Halloween Clean Up Tips

Toilet Paper 

Have some neighborhood kids generously decided to adorn your trees and shrubs with 2-ply toilet paper? If you can’t force them to take their handiwork down themselves, then here are a few tips to help you wipe this memory clean.

  • Let the paper dry completely – far easier to get dry paper down than it is to get wet paper down.
  • Use a leaf blower to get most of the paper on to the ground.
  • Finish the job with a rake.

Candle Wax

These tips will serve you year-round, whether you or your guests spill wax on furniture or carpets in your home.

  • For wax on carpets – let it cool, break up what you can with a knife or fork. Use an old rag and a warm iron to pick up any remaining pieces
  • For wood surfaces – gently scrape away wax, then heat remaining wax with a blow dryer and wipe with an old rag. Any residual residue can be wiped up with 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water.
  • For upholstery – lay a brown paper bag over the wax and using an iron on low heat, slowly run the iron over the wax. Repeat until wax is removed.


So maybe those same neighborhood kids who so thoughtfully toilet-papered your house, also unloaded a few dozen cartons of eggs onto your freshly-painted house. Unlike the toilet paper that was easier to remove once dried, do NOT let the egg dry on your house. Especially do not let the sun bake those eggs and shells into a frittata on the side of your house. Start with your garden hose and rinse as much off as you can, for the remaining egg use cold soapy water and a gentle sponge.


So this year the women in your house, young and old, all wore costumes covered in glitter. A virtual glitter bomb has exploded in your living room, dining room, bathrooms, kitchen…It’s as if Tinkerbell ran through your house and chucked pixie dust all over every available surface. Aside from selling your house, we have a little trick for when the vacuum doesn’t do much more than spray the glitter around even more. Take a neutral color of play dough and roll it over the glitter to pick up remaining glitter – voila, glitter play dough.

We hope this helps the post-Halloween clean up go smoothly…

Be safe and happy trick-or-treating!