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About Us

All insurance companies are the same, right? If you watch the TV ads, all you have to do is call some faceless national company and save thousands. If you had all of the savings promised by all of the insurance companies advertising on TV, you could retire!

At Condon-Meek, we do things differently. Unlike those giant national companies, you are not just a number to a call center operator. At Condon-Meek, you are a member of our close-knit family – and we look out for your best interests – always.

Condon-Meek was founded in 1954 by Maurice Condon and John Meek Sr. to serve the growing needs of the Clearwater area in insurance and real estate. Today Condon-Meek remains in the forefront of the industry serving clients of every kind and size. We have been family owned for 3 generations and have a reputation for both service and value in the Clearwater area.

While other agencies have chosen to narrowly specialize, Condon-Meek has a team of professionals able to serve the insurance, risk management and real estate needs of clients in a wide spectrum of industries and services.

Our company actively instills a feeling of understanding and respect for our customers. Our success relies upon the quality and dedication of our people. Each employee of the company plays a critical role in providing the best service possible. The fact of the matter is that we sell only one thing: Service.

Customers come to us because of the service we provide and because they like to do business with us. We are a friendly group of skilled professionals and you will see the difference from the first time we meet.

We won’t sell you insurance you don’t need and we won’t leave out valuable protection just to compete with quotes from those who strip policies to minimums just to achieve a price point.

As times change so does both the insurance industry and technology. We now offer technology protection for businesses, and our office is a state of the art facility ensuring quick, smooth transaction regardless of which agent you speak with. We stay abreast with technology and the needs of customers.

Condon-Meek grows and changes to meet the current demands of our clientele – from small business owners to Homeowners and those who simply desire automobile insurance.

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